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Reflections on Vivian Maier
November 23, 2009, 11:44 AM
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by Vivian Maier

by Vivian Maier

Another wish-I-had-found-it-while-flea-marketing moment – the work of  street photographer Vivian Maier.

A street photographer as well, John Maloof found Vivian’s negatives at a furniture and art auction in Chicago. Her private life is still somewhat of a mystery, but what little of it John has gathered can be found on his Vivian-dedicated blog.

He is compiling her work into a book, but has been kind enough to share some of her images via the Internet. The Independent recently did a write-up on the discovery of her work.

I am in love with these photos, especially her reflection images. Looking through her photographs is like peeking into her visual diary. Maier was primarily a nanny, but as evidence of the 40,000 negatives found after her death, photography was her creative outlet, her true work. It is evidence of how the joys of photography can be had in just taking the photograph, not worrying about the end result.

layers of reflection

subtle reflections

self portrait of Vivian


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