The Long Way Home

Great Lake
November 25, 2012, 8:49 AM
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dunkirk lighthouse

Sunday morning and I sit here typing with the sniffles. It’s snowing now; I spent most of  yesterday wrapped in blankets, watching old monster movies. There’s something comforting about black and white films: the static in old prints, the grand music. It reminds me of Sunday afternoons as a kid, how isolating they felt if you left the television realm. While organizing my photo files, I remembered the ones taken at Dunkirk Lighthouse from last month’s western New York trip. Dunkirk is a resort town that hasn’t changed much since the early pictures I saw hanging in the lighthouse museum. A map on the wall showed tiny ships crowding the lake’s surface, marking shipwrecks. There are over 300 souls lost in Lake Erie. We searched the lighthouse lawn looking for clues that something once lived there.

lake erie

westfield diner

interstate 80


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