The Long Way Home

October 15, 2015, 7:49 AM
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self-portrait with house

self-portrait with house

Pittsburgh is growing. It’s surreal to live here your entire life and watch outsiders’ faces over the years  turn from disgust to wide-eyed enthusiasm – a rust-belt city darling gracing the Internet pages of social media. We have good food, pretty hilltop views, cheap real estate. We are proof that yes, you can take a pig from the mud and make it clean. And that’s always the dilemma of the growing city: happiness at improvement, confusion – anger – that with improvement, comes rising prices, communities being pushed out of their homes – becomes a place like every other place. So amidst the construction (which has happened since 1973, in what historians call the “reinvention” era), I look for traces of old Pittsburgh to make sure nobody forgets it: empty churches, lawns-turned-overgrown fields. Wooden mill homes that survived over a hundred winters.

autumn dusk

the blue hour


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Thanks for your posts Lisa. Good atmosphere!


Comment by 100mijs

Thank you – and thanks for reading!

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Comment by Lisa

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