The Long Way Home

Savannah Morning
April 22, 2015, 6:38 AM
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welcome guest

welcome guest

It’s 9 AM. Jeff and our friend Tim are having dude coffee talk, and I am in the backyard, rigging a tripod out of an overturned wooden table. The sun keeps slipping through the clouds. We are 11 hours from home, and while I love visiting Savannah, I long to just be in my bed, hug my cat, hide out for a few days before going back to work. Savannah, though, is good to us. The night before, we ate BBQ ribs at Johnny Harris, and then bought a dozen Krispy Kremes with $10 that Jeff found on the ground. We visited Tybee Island, and later, walked to get drinks in the rain. I got a little tipsy, and this morning, find blurry night photos on my iPhone. I wanted to capture the soft darkness, the way the lamp lights glowed across a tiny square like something out of a film. I erase them. I flip through the instant shots I have taken on this trip, brush donut crumbs off the edge of a frame.

Savannah morning

Savannah morning


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Lucky finding that money. We love donuts!


Comment by Jeff

Road luck.


Comment by Lisa

The crumbs don’t stay but at least the memories and polaroids remain 🙂


Comment by Angelina Hue

They do :).


Comment by Lisa

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