The Long Way Home

Strange Vacation
April 21, 2015, 6:50 AM
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Florida livin'.

Florida livin’

It is mind-numbing and surreal, driving 16 hours from home. We take one suitcase, one bag of cameras and film, a snack-filled cooler. We make a playlist (mostly Steely Dan this time, which Jeff calls his “prescription from Dr. Wu”). We play road games, the alphabet one being a favorite (“Name a band that starts with _”). There is lots of excitement in the beginning of the  drive – adventure awaits! – then time rolls on, and we’re hungry. Tired, cranky, we bicker over directions. There are breaks at scenic highway overlooks and creepy little mom-and-pops selling crushed Twinkies. State by state we shed layers of clothing to accommodate the heat. We are confused, we are lost, we laugh at the dumbest things. When we reach Ocala, I roll down the window and cup my hand to feel the outside humidity. It’s one of the few places where I’ve watched it rain on only one side of the road – dark clouds competing with the sun.

the rain divide


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Crushed twinkles for breakfast!


Comment by Bill

I love the honesty of what it’s like being on the road. Telling it like it is!


Comment by Jeff

you know it!


Comment by Lisa

This Makes me feel like I am in the passenger seat.


Comment by motherblue212

This is the unglamourous side of traveling, one I always want to write about because nobody talks about it. I try to make the most of it!

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Comment by Lisa

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