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What If Airplanes Were Lawnmowers?
August 1, 2013, 8:03 PM
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Photo by Isaac Rullo Conceptual Artistry © 2013

Photo by Isaac Rullo Conceptual Artistry © 2013

Studio 5013 features What if Airplanes were Lawnmowers? Guest curators Kim Rullo and Jackson Rullo construct an end-of-summer backyard scene with found materials and mixed media – a place where  daytime and nighttime coexist. Featuring works by Willow Cleary, Danielle Aubenque, Malachi and Brenna, Cary Daly, Nicholas Faust, Annie and Don Faust, Emma and Owen Finucan, Jordan Iacono, Brent Isaac, John Henry Luke, Kim Rullo and Jackson Rullo. motherblue.wordpress.comThrough August 31.

detail from What if Airplanes Were Lawnmowers?

What If Airplanes Were Lawnmowers? detail


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Reblogged this on Mother Blue and commented:
I love making art. I am, by far, not an expert in the art realm, or on what art is, I just enjoy making it. It is my passion and how navigate through all aspects of my life. That is why I was so excited to be able to create this project with my son and I am so happy that he said “yes” to the idea of curating his first art project with me. The process is a fun and sometimes mind numbingly frustrating experience when you collaborate with a tiny creative person you happen to be related to. Someone who shares both your passion as well as your temperament.

The name of the project is: “What if Airplanes were Lawnmowers?” and it was based on this exchange I had with my son:
Jack: “What is that sound, an airplane or a lawnmower?”
Me: “Pretty sure it is a lawnmower.”
Jack: (pauses) “Planes really should be lawnmowers.”
Me: “Why?”
Jack: “It’s grass cutting without that stressful back and forth.”

I thought to myself “What if Airplanes were Lawnmowers?” would make such a great title for a children’s book, or an art project of some sort. Then I thought, kids say say some pretty interesting things and they often think on such a vastly different plane than adults. Their observations/dreams often push the boundaries of conventions.

For the last few years, I have been privileged to be asked to be a part of my friend’s on-going art project/window display at Studio 5013: Two windows and a blank canvas to say all you want or need to say. No limits.

The window project deadline was fast approaching and this idea fit the bill. One window a whimsical daylight backyard setting and the other side a night time portal/nature setting complete with firefly lights in mason Jars. Maybe even blacklights and/or solitary lights twinkling at night.

In keeping with the spirit of “What if Airplanes were Lawnmowers?” we wanted a dream or an observation or a creation to fill this space. Jack created a Lawnmower/Airplane out of recycled materials. We asked a handful of kids (and their parents) to help and collaborate and fill the space with whatever they fancied. What we got back were some beautiful, amazing, and inspired things.

We really hope they enjoyed the creating and it inspires more art.

I love that this is out there for all of them. If even for a short time.

On display until the end of August 2013, Studio 5013, 5013 Penn Ave.


Comment by motherblue212

The nighttime window has a special magic to it. Fireflies!


Comment by Jeff

Thanks for everything!


Comment by motherblue212

You’re so welcome, lady! It looks so perfect right now – the one jar’s “fireflies” are lighting up now, and the second strand of lights makes the window glow, so I’m going to leave off the overhead light – I love it!


Comment by Lisa

Ooh, if you get a chance, take a pic of the night.


Comment by motherblue212

I’m going to check now – love the blue lights, especially now that we have full darkness.


Comment by Lisa

Thanks, lady.


Comment by motherblue212

thank YOU!


Comment by Lisa

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