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Polaroid Week: Days 1 & 2
July 16, 2013, 11:17 PM
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sunflower garden – day one

It’s Polaroid Week in the instant film world, and I thought I’d track my days’ posts here. This year I decided to stick around my neighborhood and take new photos of places you may have seen pop up in other photos – notice the infamous graffiti wall in our backyard? Now covered in gorgeous sunflowers almost as tall as I am. It’s moments like these that I really love my home, through all seasons.

5100 s. millvale

5100 n. winebiddle – day one

camp ohio - day two

camp ohio – day two

self-portrati with flower and polaroid (beside me) - day two

self-portrait with flower and polaroid (beside me) – day two


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That building is a great find. I want to find out what was there before.


Comment by Jeff

An old corner store? Or maybe a bar or social club. Either way, I get the tower for my studio, Mr.


Comment by Lisa

Sell you look lovely with sunflowers and that building on winebiddle is incredible (and I liked the croc graffiti).


Comment by Michael Williamson

thanks for the sweet comment. what amazes me is that this is all within blocks of my neighborhood – things I didn’t notice before. i love finding these little treasures so close to home.


Comment by Lisa

…the sunflowers taking care of the graffiti, really make my day…nature knows what to do…(…smiling…)
Thank you, Lisa!!


Comment by karijeppesen

You bet it does, Kari :)! Now the poor flowers are drooping from general growth and heavy rains. I may have my husband stake them up.


Comment by Lisa

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