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Trick-or-Treat 1957
October 26, 2012, 6:31 AM
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From Wunderly Galleries, Pittsburgh, 1957. Artist unknown.

One of the reasons I love Jeff and his sweet junk-pickin’ ways is because he’s so good at it. He’s got a gift. When we walk into a room full of dusty ancient cast-offs piled ceiling-high, I grow impatient and turn to walk out – the chaos is overwhelming. Jeff’s eyes sparkle. His shoulders relax, he licks his chops in anticipation. Then he disappears into the mess and comes out with treasures: a chalk statue of the Virgin Mary from a local church; a home taxidermy manual from 1912; a pigeon skeleton, its tiny bones all intact. He acquired the painting above way before we ever met. Back in the 90s, he was making his weekly trash-hunting run in Squirrel Hill when he saw the painting sitting on the curb. The woman who ditched it came out of the house with more trash, so Jeff politely asked her if he could have it. The inscription on the back reads” Given to Christy from Grandaddy – Halloween 1957. 2 years old.” A bit sinister for a two-year-old, if you ask me. It hangs in our living room, making it Halloween every day of the year in this house.


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One of my favorite finds!


Comment by Jeff

This is an awesome find! You have such a great eye, Jeff.


Comment by Bill

he truly does!


Comment by Lisa

Looks like they went trick or treating at Dwight Eisenhower’s house. Very cool painting.


Comment by motherblue212

haha – he totally does look like dwight! i’ve always thought it strange that the guy is wearing a coat – is he going somewhere? so many stories in this one.


Comment by Lisa

Incredibly strange painting almost begging the question, “who is doing the trick or treating? Good stuff, thanks or sharing, M


Comment by Michael Williamson

so true! i’m curious about ‘wunderly galleries’ here in pittsburgh too. i’lll do some research.


Comment by Lisa

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