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Lunch Break
September 26, 2012, 7:29 PM
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grotto, St. Patrick’s, Strip District

Lately I’ve been taking my Polaroid SLR680 to work so I can shoot photos on my lunch break, a time I usually reserve for reading. It’s not easy either – it’s bulky and noisy and when I pull it out of my bag, people are like, that’s a camera? You can’t hide with a 30-year-old folding camera right in your face. I even have  a fancy iPhone now, and I can’t bring myself to use the camera in full force quite yet.  There are some days I get caught up in work, some days I don’t want to trek outside. But unlike writing, where I can sit and stare at the screen for hours (procrastinating by watching movies or snooping on Facebook), photography forces me to interact with the outside world, making me feel less alone.

mirror and tire in the alley behind Altar Bar

in the garden, St. Patrick’s

city sky


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The grasses photo in St Patrick’s is beautiful. City Sky, too!


Comment by Bill

thanks, billy! lunch break walks are proving to be fruitful.


Comment by Lisa

Love the grotto photo and the mirror and tire which looks like it has the map of Canada on it (!). Camera phones are not convincing despite their seeming inevitability. Nice insight into what effect photography has vis-a-vis the outside world. Thanks.


Comment by Michael Williamson

I’m still adjusting to life-with-camera phone. I like the immediacy of it and I see some stunning photos taken with camera phones from others, so I’ll see what I can get out of it. But I love the challenges and unpredictability of film (especially instant film!). Thanks again for reading and your kind comments.


Comment by Lisa

The garden is one of my favorite places in the Strip – you’d never know it was there.


Comment by Jeff

It’s one of mine too. It’s hard to capture it on a day when nobody is there. I may have to sneak in one late morning.


Comment by Lisa

i love these photos. they are gorgeous. thanks for sharing.


Comment by theladybugadventures

thanks, that’s so nice!


Comment by Lisa

I love that you are taking photo breaks during your day. I love seeing the Strip through your eyes. I feel the same way about capturing things on my walks. I always forget my big camera, but my cheapo camera phone has been such a trusty friend.


Comment by motherblue212

I love your walk photos – you need to do a weekly post where you share some of your favorites from the week. I’ll get used to the camera phone – I’m still stuck in the dark ages, Kimmy – my last phone was 8 years old and didn’t even have a camera. Baby steps!


Comment by Lisa

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