The Long Way Home

Ley Line

“They found only half a house.”

I spent this past spring shooting photos for Ley Line, a group art project conceived by Justin Hopper and co-curated with Emily Walley. The show runs through June 30 and includes artwork by Justin, Emily,  David Bernabo/Host Skull; Nina Marie Barbuto, director of Assemble; Anne Roecklein and Ashley Andrykovitch. Assemble Gallery, 5125 Penn Ave. in Garfield.

If you can’t make it to the show, view the online gallery here.

Pittsburgh City Paper review of Ley Line.

A beautiful prose piece on my Wakefield and Ward Streets series  by Justin.

Behind-the-scenes of the project, before any of our ideas came to fruition.

“She was lost in another world.”


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Thanks Lisa, these old houses are incredible with the odd placement of windows and the crumbling going on. Great place to read a book!


Comment by Michael Williamson

it is an incredible house (the two photos are the same house – the one with all the lush green is the side view – isn’t it crazy?). i thought it was abandoned until my second shoot, where i saw someone coming out of the house on their way to work (dressed like it, anyhow). thanks for stopping by!


Comment by Lisa

proud of your photos!


Comment by jeff

thanks ❤


Comment by Lisa

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