The Long Way Home

Letter to Jeff
April 16, 2012, 7:03 AM
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One of my favorite weekend games is when we pick a direction and go, no plan, just you and me and the road. Going west into eastern Ohio is like time travel, and I try to imagine what we would have been like if we had met in 1979. We trade the GPS for a map and after only a few years of technical geography, I’ve almost forgotten how to read one. You assure me it’s impossible to get lost in America, but I see how you grip the wheel when we miss an exit. As we drive along Route 65, I see a photo of you and me that has yet to be taken: the two of us leaning against an old car outside a dusty motel. A neon sign, the setting sun, a slice of moon. We are laughing. The map catches in the wind, flies out of our hands.

[from A Conversation project]


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can’t wait for more adventures!


Comment by Jeff

i can’t either – it’s going to be a good summer.


Comment by Lisa

I think all of Ohio is a time capsule!


Comment by Allegheny Eats



Comment by Lisa

How beautiful. My map reading skills have a lot to be desired these days. I suppose I should start teaching that skill to Jack.


Comment by motherblue212

thanks, kimmy. i think it would be great to have jack learn to read a good old-fashioned paper map – but i must admit: thank god for gps!


Comment by Lisa

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