The Long Way Home

Letter To My Great-Grandmother
April 8, 2012, 12:35 PM
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I remember your house like a familiar drive home – knowing no route names or street signs, just landmarks that have stood before my time. In a past life, I am sitting in your kitchen, listening to you tell stories about your trip to the 1939 World’s Fair. I devour the Sara Lee cheesecake you feed us because it is American and convenient. I laugh when you complain in Hungarian. I walk through rooms, looking for the things that remind me of you: the mounted deer heads over the guest room beds, the cuckoo clock by the back door, the ringer washer at the foot of the basement stairs, your wedding portrait from 1928. Your house is a time capsule, and when I need to organize the chaos in my life I open it, knowing everything is in its place.

[from A Conversation project]


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This is so beautiful, I keep reading it and then re-reading it. It’s like a poem…and it was familiar to me. Thank you.


Comment by motherallie

those are such kind and encouraging words, thank you!


Comment by Lisa

Great letter, vivid and loving. I hope the cuckoo clock worked :). The photo matches perfectly, loved the flowers. Thanks for sharing, M


Comment by Michael Williamson

The clock *did* work! I wish I still had it, I feel as if I can still remember the sound it made on the hour. Thanks for your kind comments – it’s always a challenge writing about nostalgia, so I hope I did a good job without sounding too saccharine.


Comment by Lisa

beautiful memories. happy easter, my friend,


Comment by motherblue212

thanks, lady. happy easter to you too. x


Comment by Lisa

i love the the orange cast to the photo. it makes it look like something out of the 70s.


Comment by Jeff

it does. it’s what i love most about the film – how it mixes past and present.


Comment by Lisa

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