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Painted Backdrops
March 21, 2012, 9:06 PM
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father and daughter

I’ve been obsessed with trompe l’oeil paintings since I was a kid, begging my mother to create an entire forest scene on my bedroom wall (I still want one!). When looking through old photos, I sometimes buy them just for their painted backdrops. Our friend Steve tipped me off to collector Jim Linderman‘s The Painted Backdrop: Behind the Sitter in American Tintype Photography, which provides a great history on this very subject. The photos featured in this post are from our own collection. The tintype above is my favorite for many reasons – the bored expression and unladylike pose of the girl, the cigar that her father is holding, the unintentionally exposed wooden beam holding the backdrop. Painted scenes are like fairy tales, as if while turning the pages of the book I am reading, I can walk right into it and escape into another world.

at the window

Jeff's great-grandfather William Dye

a girl from Prague



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