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Rebby & Nick: Portraits by Becky Corrigan
February 3, 2012, 6:24 AM
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This Friday’s Unblurred features acrylic on wood portraits by Rebecca Corrigan. rebeccacorrigan[at]yahoo[dot]com.



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Hi Lisa–funny, too, the painting of Rebby reminds me of Emily Carr when she was young. Cheers, Michael


Comment by Michael Williamson

I googled a photo of Emily Carr and I agree – Rebby does resemble a young Emily! I’ll have to let her know, I’m sure she’ll be flattered.


Comment by Lisa

wow, does she have a website, this work is great! I would love to post these.


Comment by Dane

i know, i love her work too. becky doesn’t have a website yet, but contact her via email or FB. I think a Steeltown post is a great idea!


Comment by Lisa

Ms Corrigan is a talented painter and these quite powerful portraits are evidence of that. Thanks for posting. (the portrait of Nick oddly reminds me of Jeremy Irons). M


Comment by Michael Williamson

hi michael – her work is really lovely. she paints portraits of people she knows around the city. and now that you mentioend the jeremy irons resemblance, i can definitely see it!


Comment by Lisa

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