The Long Way Home

90 Miles to Cuba
January 29, 2012, 8:19 AM
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staring at the sea

It is exhilarating and terrifying to stand at water’s edge, wind kicking at your back, knowing that you are at the southernmost point of the States. This is where borders melt into the ocean, no land for miles, a definitive endpoint. Jeff and I spent a beautiful week in the Keys with Sheryl and Rebby and Sheryl’s sister, Amanda, and sister-in-law Allison. We celebrated Sheryl and Rebby’s 10 year anniversary and a birthday with many rum drinks, a drag show, waking to rooster calls, breakfasts of tropical fruits with sweet pink Florida shrimps, lazing in the hot tub, finding pirate-eyed kitties and marveling that the icy, snowy world we left for a week had turned to days filled with sunshine.

tropic cinema

caroline street

a mysterious yellow house

saint mary star of the sea

an abandoned bible school



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I’ve got photos taken with an old instamatic in the 1980s in Key West and after years of fading they look so much like these. That look so …warm!


Comment by thevintagetraveler

The expired film helps to give that vintage look in these photos. I wonder how much has changed in Key West since the 1980s? The vintage quality of the photos might make it hard to tell!


Comment by Lisa

just beautiful!


Comment by Becky

aw, thanks, becky! i’m glad you like them.


Comment by Lisa



Comment by Photobooth Journal

thanks so much, katherine!


Comment by Lisa

These polaroids are just fantastic. They make it feel like this trip could have taken place this year or 40 years ago. Great work!


Comment by motherblue212

thanks, kimmy — i am in love with this film so much (thanks to my friend juli, who gave me the spectra!)


Comment by Lisa

Thanks again Lisa for these quite mysterious photos. I can imagine going to see the Royal Opera at the Tropic Cinema (who lives next door?), go the bible school after seeing Virgin Mary, have tea at the yellow ghost house, chase the rooster and then hop in the blue car and head to the sea! This was such a flight of fancy amid the ice and snow, and the cold wind as it blows….enjoy, Michael


Comment by Michael Williamson

I’m happy that this series creates a storyline or some sort, which is what I intended with the Polaroids. Since I have one shot for each frame, I had to make them count. Thanks for your comments, I’m glad I could give you a little summer during these cold winter days!


Comment by Lisa

I love that blue car! 🙂
Time travel is right.


Comment by Sheryl

i love that blue car too. i think it would have gotten us to key west faster than our flights (ha!).


Comment by Lisa

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