The Long Way Home

Trial and Error
November 15, 2011, 6:50 AM
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the abandoned building next to ours

Usually I’m not brave enough to post my crappy photos, but I thought this series would be a good exercise in exposing my creative vulnerabilities.

Last week, despite the onset of migraine, I insisted on taking photos. The days leading up to full-blown head pain were full of anxiety and confusion; I was irritable, trying to get everything unfinished  on my desk completed and solve all my life’s problems in one day (of course!). I was really hard on myself for not doing anything creative lately, which I thought a photo session would cure.

I set up my Spectra on a sewing bench in the backyard to take self portraits, but I couldn’t think of any new ideas. I set the timer, then realized I forgot to eject the previous photo after I reopened the camera, which made a double exposure. I misjudged the distance between the camera and me, resulting in a photo that cuts off my head, making it look like the accidental shot that it is. The clouds shifted, it was windy and cold, there were moments of light, then dark and I wanted to cry for wasting a whole pack of precious Polaroid film. The shots here are the ‘best’ of the bunch. And after I stopped being a big baby, I realized moments of bad photos and no ideas are okay because really, who cares most but me. I’m allowed to rest and do nothing sometimes.

the 10th shot

the 7th shot - I love the color and light in this one, but I'm headless.

the 6th shot - an accident


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I like no. 6 the best!


Comment by Photobooth Journal

#6 was the one that I was most sad about, but i’m glad you like it (thank you!).


Comment by Lisa

these are lovely, ephemeral shots


Comment by Vi King

thank you – that’s such a nice comment!


Comment by Lisa

Brilliant. I am loving the polaroids.


Comment by motherblue212

thanks, kimmy – that means a lot coming from you!


Comment by Lisa

accidents are sometimes beautiful! and so is doing nothing. xoxo


Comment by Sheryl

indeed. which is why i can’t wait till KW!


Comment by Lisa

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