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September 28, 2011, 8:39 AM
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sea ray motel

Do you ever look at photo of a place and fall in love? It happened for me this time with Wildwood, when an old friend from high school mentioned how I’d love the vintage motels there. I already had photo ideas stirring in my brain before I even hit sand this past weekend. The place is a sea of beautiful, neon signs, one more kitschy and architecturally breathtaking than the next. And I was fortunate enough to receive a gift of precious, expired Polaroid film from my friend Juli, a photographer who creates stunning Polaroids. Instant film is such a scarce commodity now, so this photographic journey was an exercise in restraint, in making careful subject and composition choices. It helped me to slow my pace, to not look back once I pressed the button, and to let go.

king's inn motel

monaco motel

beach colony motel


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I’m doing some badly needed catching up on my blog reading, and these polaroids just blew me away.

I’ve always been just a casual photographer, never giving a lot of thought to composition, so going digital was perfect for me. Don’t like the shot? No problem…delete…reshoot.

But to be forced to use something so scarce that every shot is important? I can’t imagine, but you really got some stunning shots of even the most mundane objects.


Comment by thevintagetraveler

Such a nice compliment – thanks, Lizzie! I knew at the time that the film was precious, but even more so when I returned home from our trip. I have the originals stored carefully away in a box with silica packs, hoping they stay preserved for a bit longer.


Comment by Lisa

I love these Polaroids. It really makes it seem like you went back in time to capture these images. (Those fortune teller boxes will always make me think of the movie BIG.)


Comment by motherblue212

Thanks, Kimmy!
I was super happy with how these turned out since I really screwed up the last pack of instant film. The expired film gives a nice, washed-out look to the photos. But Wildwood totally is like stepping back in time and completely affordable. It might be a good vacation for you, Dave and Jack!


Comment by Lisa

I love the colors you caught at the Monaco. I still have that awesome camera to give you that was Chris’ grams.


Comment by Michelle

Thanks, Chelle! We have to make a point of meeting up before the holidays – it can be a xmas present (he he).


Comment by Lisa

I love the beach colony sign!


Comment by Billy

thanks, dude! jeff and i are thinking we need to get a group down there for beach vacation next summer.


Comment by Lisa

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