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September 16, 2011, 7:14 AM
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I don’t why it’s so hard for me to talk about the books I’m reading, but it’s something I love to do more than anything. It relaxes me when I’m stressed, keeps me focused, gives me comfort. It is my escape when I can’t travel. I climb into pages when looking for photo inspiration, and then I crawl out again, ready to take on the tasks that need to be done. Sometimes the tasks are the afterthought, and the book is my world, one where I can’t wait to go back to, like when I first walked through the dense, dark forest with Nick Adams and his sister, Littless, in the “The Last Good Country” and saw a human, tender side to Hemingway that no longer made me think of him as simply a man’s writer.

He had already learned there was only one day at a time and that was always the day you were in. It would be today until it was tonight and tomorrow would be today again.

I have read this story so many times and those words didn’t hold weight as they do in my journey through grief. They were simply part of someone else’s story, and now, as I type them again, they have become a part of my story.


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Nice chair!


Comment by PC

Thanks, it is quite rad – someone who makes awesome chocolate cookies gave it to us!


Comment by Lisa

It is fascinating how we are differently impacted by the same writing or art at different times of our lives; what speaks to us changes depending on where we are in our own stories. Beautifully expressed as always.


Comment by farmhouse stories

I do this with a lot of my books – re-read them at different parts of my life. I love how you use passages too to support your photos.


Comment by Lisa

beautiful. and so very true.


Comment by motherblue212

thank you —


Comment by Lisa

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