The Long Way Home

Broadway & Second
August 12, 2011, 7:02 AM
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In the middle of a crushingly busy day, I received a text from my sister. It was an image of a name carved into cement and when I looked closely at the tiny phone screen, I realized it was our mother’s name, a small bright spot of hope in an emotionally trying week. My sister had walked around one of our old neighborhoods in Coraopolis with my niece, showing her the apartment we lived in on the corner of Broadway and Second streets when she found it. I had forgotten that my mother had done this, along with her friend, who had traced “Jeff Loves Maureen 1984” in the pavement close to my mother’s name. My mother was only 33, younger than I am now, but too old to stir up this kind of mischief. The landlord had yelled at her in a mix of Italian and English, but secretly, I think he got a kick out of it because it’s still there after all this time. A few nights ago, I had to take a friend out to the airport, so I drove by beforehand to see it for myself. The house looks mostly the same, brown trim replacing the green, and the new tenants added a porch swing. The cottage next to it is gone, the one where we imagined a witch lived. Our Sicilian neighbor’s house is abandoned, but I remember her bent in black dress and stockings, a scarf tied under her chin, her once-lush garden overgrown with knee-high grass and caged in a chain-link fence. The streets feel smaller and broken. I had lived for so many years in memory, that I had forgotten this was a real place, somewhere I used to call home.

where the witch once lived

a current resident who talked with us about the old neighborhood

the kitten that followed us everywhere


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That’s just so amazing, and wonderful that your sister found it after all these years. Hooray for stirring up mischief!


Comment by farmhouse stories

I was so excited when she did find it, I had to make a special trip after work just to capture it!


Comment by Lisa

how wonderful! having her name “cemented” there is absolutely fantastic. like she cemented her roots for the world. i adore that photo.


Comment by motherblue212

thanks, kimmy! jeff said we should find out if they are ever going to fix the sidewalk – we want that piece of it when it goes.


Comment by Lisa

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