The Long Way Home

June 21, 2011, 7:18 PM
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When Jeff and I first married, I had  the solitude talk with him: I must have  “Lisa time” now and then, don’t take it personally. And the best Lisa time are the mornings. There is an entire day in front of me filled with possibilities. There are errands to do, or better yet – not do. Which is why waking up early on vacation is even better. On our first day in Florida, I woke around seven. I don’t drink coffee or eat breakfast, I just start doing things because I may have dreamed about them – writing emails to friends, reading cookbooks, jotting down lines to stories. But that morning I took pictures around my in-laws house, chasing light from room to room. The gated community where they live is like a set from a film; even though I’ve visited many times now, I can’t recall ever seeing people outside. Which is why I felt pretty safe walking the streets in my pajamas, snapping photos of palm trees and dodging sprinklers before the family woke up and wondered where I had gone.






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Now that i think of it, It really does seem like no one lives in the neighborhood. In the year that I lived there I rarely saw anyone walking anywhere, just a quick zip by on a golf cart and “POOF”, they were gone.

You should have taken a photos of the whole cactus to show how cartoonishly out of proportion it is. It may only be as big around as my arm, but it’s probably close to 20 ft tall!


Comment by jeffrey Schreckengost

We have to rent a golf cart next time we’re there – that would be fun!


Comment by Lisa

maybe the *POOF* are the ghosts disappearing.


Comment by Allegheny Eats

Ghosts, maybe. Heat is definitely a factor in keeping people in their homes. Too damn hot!


Comment by Lisa

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