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Notes From My Mother
May 8, 2011, 7:42 AM
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It’s Mother’s Day and I want to write about how my mother was a charismatic, extremely complicated woman, but I don’t know where to start. She was beautiful and vain, full of bright laughter and dark secrets. She swam like a fish and swore like a sailor. She cooked an amazing eggplant Parmesan, but boiled asparagus to its death. In spurts of generosity, she’d give chotchkies to friends, but grew angry when you touched her belongings because they were hers and nobody else’s. She lived mostly in her bedroom the last years of her life, surrounded by Beatles biographies, her ashtray full of spent cigarettes, The Sound of Music on DVD. She typed over 100 words a minute, but never figured out how to use a computer. She kept endless lists of people and places I remember and don’t remember her talking about when she was alive. I keep lists too, and finding the ones from my mother makes me think, Why didn’t I know this about her before? On wide-ruled paper, in black ink, she tells me a memory: I remember the time me and Ruthie went to the DQ to meet Freddie, barefoot in the rain.




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Love this…..”She was beautiful and vain, full of bright laughter and dark secrets.” I must say I remember all of these qualities of her…especially the Beatles, we’d swipe them and listen to them and Yoko too. It is nice to see you finding the positives during a difficult time. RIP Linda…..Love, Bungat*&#s


Comment by Rachel

Rach – you make me cry, and make me laugh! I’m sure Lin is looking down right now and cracking up – sending you hugs right now!


Comment by Lisa

What an amazing blog, so many emotions but there are simply no words. The notes she kept must be incredible.


Comment by isaacrullo

So many lists – the image of her running in the rain really stuck with me. It’s something I love doing too. I cried after I wrote this post — a release. It means a lot when people read this, you have no idea. Hugs –


Comment by Lisa

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