The Long Way Home

Ten Hours
February 16, 2011, 6:32 AM
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This past Sunday eight of us spent ten hours organizing my mother’s life into boxes, and we’re not anywhere near finished. I had anxiety all weekend, thinking of packing her things away, but even more anxiety thinking about all the things we’d have to give away. My mother was a collector; housekeeping wasn’t really her thing. I found hospital paperwork for one of my eye surgeries from 1979, along with my first hospital gown. My sister’s sequined prom dresses stashed in the basement. Old high school letters that still held a faint scent of amber. Recipes written on scraps of yellowed paper. A sonogram of my niece. Journals stacked in closets, next to her bed, on the kitchen table. And the photos – hundreds of them, tucked into books, into boxes. They fluttered out of pages as we shook paperbacks and shuffled papers. So many projects started with the intention of finishing. I didn’t grow up in the house that she shared with my stepfather for 16 years, so I don’t have that kind of sentimental attachment to her space. But I hurried ahead of Jeff  when I got out of the car so that  I could have a few moments alone with what she left  just as it was a few weeks ago.






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you know when you told me your mom passed the fist thing i thought of were the DOLLS. every time we went to visit her i was always amazed at how many she had. i hope they find a loving home just like your moms. tuck one away for your little one someday.
miss you tons! loves ang


Comment by ang

I love the stillness of these photos. You really captured a mood here. Thank you for sharing such intimate moments. Love you!


Comment by liz

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