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January 12, 2011, 6:50 AM
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a gift from our friend bill from a German doll factory

Over  the holidays we started unloading some of the things we’ve collected since we’ve been together. I’m more of a vintage clothes horse and book freak, but Jeff loves the things that nobody else really wants – broken doll parts, orphaned buttons, scary taxidermy, a bag full of teeth molds. What I find totally endearing is how much our friends embrace the creepiness and indulge us in broken doll parts and scary taxidermy, as well as photos to add to our post-mortem collection. The items I photographed in this post were things we are keeping because we can’t bear to part with them just yet.

a pigeon skeleton from an auction at the Children's Museum

a glove mold from the Hall China Co.

dolly found in the 'free' bin at rogers flea market


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I made two young boys’ day buying their creepy old doll at a flea market. Nobody could have been more surprised than them. Her milky eyed head ‘s on the bookshelf 🙂


Comment by shallowmallow

You’ll have to post photos of her on your blog, I’d love to see her in all her creepy loveliness!


Comment by Lisa

I love your collections! And am so happy I will soon be adding to them 🙂


Comment by roya

You win hands-down for the most amazing addition to our collection: Princess Kitty.


Comment by Lisa

Is dolly headed on a road trip?


Comment by Allegheny Eats

A road trip to hell.


Comment by Lisa

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