The Long Way Home

December 28, 2010, 6:59 AM
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A few days before Christmas I interviewed artist Jody Perigo for Steeltown Anthem. In the middle of asking questions, I looked around her house and fell in love with the empty spaces and the low light, and she was kind enough to let me take photos. Her place is so cozy, perfect for working on projects in her attic studio, making pots of potato soup in her narrow kitchen or just hibernating all winter, watching trashy TV shows on Netflix. I’m still in search of a place to call our own. My dream house is simple: a room to fill with my books and my vintage dresses. A dresser so  I no longer have to stuff my t-shirts into a suitcase under the bed. And a breakfast room. I always wanted one of those so I can listen to the rain tapping on the roof  while I read Scandinavian mysteries during gray summer days.

six-forty p.m.

basement practice space

table and chair

a costume that jody made




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What an interesting home she has and your photos of it are beautiful. I hope you soon find a place you can call your own.


Comment by farmhouse stories

that’s so sweet, thanks! in the meantime, i shall organize – get rid of things i don’t need and make the place i do have for now more home-like. it’s hard sometimes to live in the moment, so i’ll try and enjoy what i can.


Comment by Lisa

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