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December 17, 2010, 6:33 AM
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When I first walk into a person’s house, I look for photo opportunities, much like when I live through some crazy experience, I think of how it may end up in a story. I don’t write as many stories as I used to, but photography is different. An empty room flooded with light may inspire me, or in this case, Sheryl and Becky’s staircase and the black and white linoleum floor in their hallway. I sketch out scenes in my photo journal, my illegible handwriting directing stick figures since I can’t draw for real. It’s the closest thing to seeing what is in my brain coming through in images. Sometimes it’s easier than finding the  right words.




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I sketch out scenes based on something that captures my interest, but then usually the photos take a different direction, much like in writing when you start out with an idea and in the revision process it becomes something else. Travel photography is so different – it requires me to think much more on the spot, which I like!


Comment by Lisa

That is a wonderful staircase – lovely curve and line of steps to the bright floor below! I’m intrigued by the fact that you sketch the scenes as well as photograph them; it sounds like you’re preparing to direct a scene from a movie. And maybe you are!


Comment by eyegillian

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