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Five O’Clock
December 15, 2010, 7:01 AM
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larimer street

The early darkness makes me sleepy, the pending holidays worn out. I don’t want to take photos. But last week I came home and found Jeff painting in the studio. I didn’t even take off my coat, I grabbed the camera and started shooting. Next week is officially winter and slowly the light will crawl back to us by five o’clock. I will take more pictures this winter, forcing me to find tableaux in the every day.

painting over a painting



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The Wholey’s fish is one of my favorite Pittsburgh landmarks. You captured him (her?) so well – the composition is gorgeous, and I love the texture of the exposed cement.


Comment by moth

thank you! if i could give the wholey’s fish a hug, i’d scale the wall and do it.


Comment by Lisa

I find it hard to feel inspired in the winter as well. I have been planning (maybe planning is too strong a word) to go out at night and take photos of Xmas lights, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. When night falls (so early), I close the curtains and stay indoors if at all possible.

BTW, I love the whimsicalness of Jeff’s painting. Looks intriguing!


Comment by eyegillian

your photos are so beautiful, i’d love to see any night photos that you take, especially of xmas lights! it’s one of the sweetest things about xmas (the lights), which is why i’d love to keep them up all year.


Comment by Lisa

telephone on Larimer St. = brilliant.


Comment by Eric

thanks, e! I made Jeff drive around the block twice so that I could take this out of the car window.


Comment by Lisa

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