The Long Way Home

November 11, 2010, 6:40 PM
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It’s always strange to go home again, but even more so when your home isn’t your home any longer. Jeff often feels this way when we travel to the Olean/Allegany area of New York since his family now lives in the South. This last visit was to deliver #13 to one of Jeff’s friends from high school. We met Kevin and his wife Kelley at Kevin’s parents’ home.  I loved their quiet street strewn with leaves, and inside, the sunburst clock above the television, family portraits hanging on the stairwell wall. It was one of those moments where I wanted to take a picture, but was afraid to ask for fear they would think I was being intrusive. The rest of the evening filled me with Beef ‘N’ Barrel for dinner, a late night walk in the rain. It seemed like everyone in Olean was still asleep when we left on Sunday morning.




east, west

red doors

former K-Mart parking lot




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These pics are really something special. So atmospheric.

There is something odd about empty swimming pools. I have been playing with the thought of jumping the fence to the local lido (closed for the winter) but I am too chicken. Besides, I don’t want to get caught! Love that photo of yours.


Comment by shallowmallow

thank you for the photo compliments and for reading, that’s very sweet!
i’m attracted to empty pools because i can’t swim – not properly, anyhow. i find that i’m most attracted to things that i’m afraid of – this place was so eerie and beautiful, especially in the morning light.


Comment by Lisa

I absolutely love that shot of the empty swimming pool.


Comment by Juli

Thanks! i wanted to climb over the fence and take shots, but I couldn’t get over it. It makes Jeff a little sad that the place has changed so much.


Comment by Lisa

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