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Angel On My Doorstep
November 7, 2010, 7:47 AM
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In and around our studio/home this past weekend.

I found her sitting outside our door, enjoying the First Friday sidewalk traffic.

This is Lulu.

I had to capture the morning light before heading out the door to run errands.

Our collection of Marys. Photo by Jeff.

Collections of Grace - found objects by Laura Vincent


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Very very nice!


Comment by Eric

yay, thanks, eric!


Comment by Lisa

How lovely to find an angel on your doorstep!

That Collections of Grace show looks so incredibly awesome. How I miss Pittsburgh lately!

Did you and Jeff buy a Mary at our garage sale before we moved? Not that it matters, but for some reason I picture you buying a Mary statue.


Comment by Juli

I think we may have bought a Mary at your garage sale! Was it a tiny cream-colored one? We have so many religious statues. My favorite is a tall child of Prague, which creeps out Jeff for some reason. I think of them as very Eastern European – very “Pittsburgh.”

But I know we definitely bought a velvet Jesus painting which hangs proudly in our studio!


Comment by Lisa

I don’t really remember…I collect religious statues as well, I just recall leaving a few behind when we moved out here. But the velvet Jesus I remember! Glad you guys are still enjoying it.


Comment by Juli

Lulu is a princess! She owns that couch!


Comment by Allegheny Eats

Don’t I know it. Kitty rules our lives – she’s too damn cute, she can get away with it.


Comment by Lisa

I’m thinking about collections, how we have to psychologically group objects together to understand them, and then I see your post today. As I see it: the angel, being first, is the theme – found objects, gifts, people/cats/things that share your space and enrich it, if only briefly. Life ephemeral. With layers of female imagery/expectation/role/socialization and memory. Like those richly coloured matryoskhas, so much to unpack and savour.


Comment by eyegillian

Gillian – Your previous comment on the “Collections of Grace” post inspired me to start ‘collecting’ images around my corner of the world. I think as artists, we do this anyhow, but unconsiously – but thinking of how objects define a place, it forces me to look at my surroundings with new eyes. It helps, especially as the winter settles in and makes it more challenging to travel.


Comment by Lisa

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