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Witch City
October 10, 2010, 12:53 PM
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When I use “kitsch” to describe Salem, I mean it in the sweetest way possible. It’s a strange place – a quaint New England harbor village chock-full of museums competing to capitalize on the witch-history trials of the 1690s. From goddess shops that sell real herbs and oils for spells, to Hallmark kitchen witches for your country-style home, Salem covers the gamut for every witch in your life. I wonder what’s it like living in a tourist town? It’s disconcerting to have thousands of people walking along your streets, few places to find quiet.

yellow house. this is the house next to the house of the seven gables.

Roger Conant, founder of Salem. He was not a witch.


a distant relation to the schreckengost family



satan and friends

shadows at the seven gables


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I have mixed feelings about Salem. I’m glad you’ve shown its silly side — after all, what are witch hunts if not silly — but I would find it hard to celebrate a place made famous by mass hysteria and religious extremism.

But I do love the photo at the top, and the fence and the shadows. So perfectly hallowe’en.


Comment by eyegillian

Some of the museums work to educate people about what being a witch really is and how to avoid that type of hysteria – we went on one history tour where the guy did a pretty good job of talking about the town itself – but I’m not sure the rest of the group really ‘got’ it. Also, we were being heckled by a ghost tour company, which was a little alarming!


Comment by Lisa

excellent photo of Roger. I think Salem must have some special witchy spell to make the sky look so forboding when people take his picture. I think I have one that looks similar.


Comment by Sheryl

thanks, sheryl! that’s the funny thing i thought later too — the day was actually very beautiful, but in this photo, it looks as if something is just on the horizon.
so sad I couldn’t get photos of the Witch Museum. The paper mache satan with glowing eyes was pretty amazing.


Comment by Lisa

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