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A Church House Near the Sea
September 20, 2010, 9:38 PM
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In Lynn, Massachusetts there is a house that was a church. Where once stood rows of pews is now a living room. The kitchen is on the altar, and the office is full of art and music  instead of Sunday school children reciting Bible verses in unison. The bathroom was the confessional and the stairs to the basement are only accessible via a trap door in the hallway floor (you probably didn’t even notice it when you walked in). And high above is the master bedroom, where the choir sings. 

A few blocks away from this clever, beautiful home is the ocean. Jeff, Marta, Dan and I took a walk along the waterfront as it grew dark. The sky looked as if it had just swallowed the sun and for a moment, I wanted to trade my Steel City to live near the sea.

lynn at dusk





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i wanna see pictures of the church. :o)


Comment by Allegheny Eats

I knew someone would ask about the church!
I had just met the people who lived in it it, so I didn’t want to be intrusive. So my words will leave it to your imagination.


Comment by Lisa

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