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It Wasn’t Planned This Way
August 6, 2010, 7:31 AM
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Last Saturday, we went to a friend’s wedding at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. The reception was a nice mix of fancy and fun – how often does one get to bowl at a wedding? I spent the next day very hung over, but that doesn’t happen too often for me anymore either, so I rolled with it. Coincidentally, the wrapping paper matched my dress (honestly!), and it gave me an opportunity to continue my obsession with faceless portraits. And if you’re wondering what’s inside the box? A taxidermied bullfrog holding the wedding gift (don’t be too jealous). 

we borrowed our neighbor's brick-walled carport




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I used to occasionally ride the elevator with Fred Rogers.


Comment by John

Was this at the QED station? Mr. Rogers is (was) everywhere….


Comment by Lisa

i used to work on production and design at a publishing company and we did the newsletter for the PAA years and years ago. It’s a neat old place, a bit of an ol’ boys club but still amazing to look at with lots of history.

I remember one time I was sitting in their grand lobby while waiting for a meeting to begin. I was usually so nervous for these meetings because I was still getting my feet wet with design so I was not super duper confident but I had to pretend to be. I was sweating (figuratively) a bit as I went over in my head what I was going to say about the latest packet of pages. Just then Mr Rogers emerged from around the corner. (I imagine he had just finished his daily swim — his hair was all in place albeit slightly wet.) As he made his way through the lobby, without breaking stride, he looked over at me and waved and gave me this…smile. I was the only one sitting there. Man I could almost imagine what I looked like then, I was no more than 23 or 24, had my adult briefcase (or what I claimed was a briefcase, but was really some sort of weathered napsack), dressed in my “grown up” clothes that did not exactly fit me right, I was like 100 lbs, sitting there in that chair that was way too big and seemed like generations older than me. I waved back timidly and we both went about our day. I felt like I was 6 yrs old again. It was weird. I felt big and little all at the same time. I went into the meeting with a smile. I will never forget that.


Comment by kim rullo

Kimmy – I loved reading this! I can just picture you sitting in the lobby in one of those big chairs (which I did that night, at some point – except with a glass of booze in my hand). It brought back memories of my first job, and how I felt grown up, but also out of place, like I was growing into new skin. You captured that perfectly, and got to meet Mr. Rodgers to boot.


Comment by Lisa

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