The Long Way Home

A Day at the Beach

I wish. I’m still recovering from our 1,860-mile road trip last month. I must vacation from our vacation. 

I haven’t seen an ocean in a few years, or even a lake. When I was younger, my father would take my sister and me to Lake Arthur, every Pittsburgh kid’s hot spot. One time he rented a motorboat so we could experience something different from having rocks in our suit-bottoms and eating skinny fries from the concession stand all afternoon. Unfortunately our ride got cut short – the motor, tangled in seaweed, because he steered the boat too close to shore. A couple in a pontoon rescued us and my father’s dreams of living the leisure life were gone. 

a day at the beach


two in a canoe


swinger, 1950s


we think this is Jeff's uncle, Mason Dye


photo reluctance


Jeff's Grampa Dye


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you’ll have to come to sugar lake with us sometime! we tie rafts to our super slow pontoon boat and drag them around


Comment by sarah

I love the name, “Sugar Lake’ – I want to go now! Even if I just sit on the pontoon with a goofy life-preserver and float along.


Comment by Lisa

is this really Jeff’s Grampa? that is seriously an awesome picture! and Jeff’s uncle looks like he is a sit in for Slint.


Comment by Allegheny Eats

Yes, it is – he has a whole slew of cool, old family photos, so they are now part of our collection.

And Jeff said the same thing about Mason and the Slint cover. Rock nerds!


Comment by Lisa

the grampa Dye photo is awesome though. it is really well composed. I think what is also cool is the action. old photos people are more prone to stop and pose. this is an action shot, which from my experience is rare to find in old, old photos, right?


Comment by Allegheny Eats

I think it’s harder to find vernacular photography than studio photography. I come across studio portraits a lot, but ‘action’ shots (interesting ones) are not as popular. I think it’s because those may stay within families rather than end up in a bin somewhere.


Comment by Lisa

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