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Tony’s Artistic Taxidermy Museum
July 22, 2010, 7:10 PM
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We spotted it across Route 301 on our way to Ocala: FREE TAXIDERMY MUSEUM. I jotted it down in my trusty notebook (yes, I keep lists of places we see of interest along the way, compulsive organizer that I am) and tried like hell to find this place via Google. No worries – we just drove back the way we arrived a few days later.

mama alligator and baby

Housed in a former motel, Tony’s is more of a gallery than a museum since all mounted pieces are for potential sale. We were expecting Norman Bates-creepy, but the yard was surprisingly lush and inviting, with pink flowers and long green grass. We walked to the side of the building and pushed open the door. It was dark inside, but we could see the outline of elephant tusks protruding from the back wall. A tiny bell tinkled and a woman with a red beehive flicked on some lights for us. “Look around, spend as much time as you like,” she said and left us alone with the once-wild beasts. 

albino snake

a dik dik


mr. zebra

the museum

our souvenir: a Tony's business card


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I have to admit it was a bit of a creepy vibe but after the initial ‘willys’ the owner opened up the gift area for us and there were a lot of great ‘strange’ souvenirs for sale. I would like to go back on my next trip. I say creepy but that’s what drew us there to begin with. Not a negative. Thanks Tony!
The couple from Japan.


Comment by Mike

Woe, not the same experience at all. It was dark, no one around and the smell, well let’s just say I got lightheaded and started to feel very creeped out. Also some grinding in the background, I was sure Norman would be out soon. So I high tailed it outta there. I looked like one of those cartoons running so fast that all you could see is smoke from the trail. When I looked in the rearview someone was standing in the doorway looking puzzled. Maybe they were closed? Every fiber in my being said get the “F” out of there or end up stuffed. LOL good story to tell though.


Comment by Sandra

is it better than Rays?


Comment by Allegheny Eats

You mean “Joe’s?” Not better, just different. There’s the whole Florida experience going on with this place too.


Comment by Lisa

I think every time we end up in Ocala we should pop in for a visit.


Comment by jeff

see you next year, tony!


Comment by Lisa

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