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Holy Savannah
July 19, 2010, 9:01 PM
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If I had to live anywhere in the Southern US, it would be in Savannah, Georgia. Moss-covered crepe myrtles shade the city streets, and while the heat that day felt as if someone was blowing a hair dryer in your face, the promises of history and ghosts kept us exploring. With no book to guide us, we walked around until we found sites that sparked our interests – a beautiful old church with beautiful air conditioning; the Paris Market, where I bought a ton of old photos; a cemetery to satisfy our inner goths. Oh, and we toured the Juliette Gordon Low house, birthplace of the Girl Scouts’ founder. I have a slight obsession with Girl Scout history, mainly because my mother, who had a general suspicion of organized groups, told me as a kid that they were a cult and would never let me join. Low was an accomplished, feisty artist and traveler in her day. Had my mother known this, she may have reconsidered my right to earn some honor badges while wearing that awesome green dress.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral


quiet, still morning


trying not to tan in Savannah, GA


haunted tree


monster aloe plant in the Gordon-Low garden


broken tombstones find a new place on a wall


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Just so people can get an idea of how huge the Aloe is-it’s taller than me.
I always think of them as a tiny plant that sits on someone’s window sill, not a six foot monster.
We’ll have to find the “famous” cemetery the next time we go. Hopefully Savannah Parking Authority won’t be hot on my tail then!


Comment by jeff

Looks awesome.


Comment by Liz

It is! Trying to get Kelly to send our group on a work-related trip. I’ll keep trying —


Comment by Lisa

I bet that wall is haunted as hell!


Comment by Allegheny Eats

dude, you’d flip your lid over how haunted the whole city is. serious ghost action!


Comment by Lisa

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