The Long Way Home

Roadside Distraction Chronicle

Jeff and I took off for 10 days to visit his parents in Florida. This is the trip we tried to do in December, but never made it because of the snow. We did two days’ worth of driving, stopping in Virginia on our first night and Georgia the second. I’m proud to say that after thousands of miles of being in the car, I think I’m getting over my fears of highway travel – at least as a passenger. 

The beginning of a journey is much like the beginning of dating – every little thing is exciting. The first junk shop in West Virginia where the two of  you find a Flatwoods monster statue for your living room desk. Lunch in Bulk Foods, sharing a bottle of ramp wine. The green, crisp smell of Wytheville’s mountain air as you lounge Motel 6-pool side, thinking about all the awesome sex you’ll have with your loved one when you go back to your room, and holy shit – cable TV! 

This was the first two days. Even the idea of living out of our car for the next twenty years held romantic possibilities. 

road out of Flatwoods, WV


car hood = tripod substitution


kicking it in South Carolina


Counts Drugs - Wytheville, VA




we were looking for breakfast, but nothing was yet open


just like Christmas during 4th of July weekend


doggie in the motel 6 window


contemplating the long drive south


can I have it?


we waited for the green monster. no dice.


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amazing photos as usual!! i especially love your balletic pose, love!


Comment by roya

thanks, boo – that means a lot!


Comment by Lisa

how much is that doggie in the window? the one with that motel 6 smell.


Comment by Allegheny Eats

I tried refraining from using that song – but it’s inevitable, isn’t it?


Comment by Lisa

what great images as always. i love the car hood one.


Comment by kim rullo

thanks, kimmy! your support means a lot to me.


Comment by Lisa

What a drive! Let’s do it again!!!


Comment by jeff

only if we have a house on wheels.


Comment by Lisa

so much yellow and blue! great photos as always, lady


Comment by sarah

thanks, wo! summer sky makes everything technicolor.
ps – we have goodies for you.


Comment by Lisa

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