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A Study in Yellow
June 28, 2010, 7:34 PM
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We used the third floor of Dan and Beth’s house for part two of the Public Records project. I sketched an idea for an anti-portrait of Jeff, head turned to the camera, holding a deck of playing cards. Much of my work explores distorted or hidden faces , making the body more of an object and not a recognizable human. Aside from all that art analysis mumbo-jumbo, I just like how creepy it makes a person look.

I also took a few more “traditional” self portraits. They’re grainy and dark, but I love the yellow walls and wanted to share them despite their technical imperfections. The first one was featured on Utata’s spotlight page  and Beauty in Everything –  yay!



yellow wall


the first photo


the photographer and the model, taking a break


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Very cool- i love the grainy texture in the photos!


Comment by jeff

I’m thinking of retaking these at 100 ISO instead of 400. We need more photos in that room!


Comment by Lisa

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