The Long Way Home

The Quiet Hours

It’s Saturday morning and I’m enjoying the quiet hours before noon. Jeff is still sleeping, so I use these moments to write or read or make lists or organize papers that have collected all week on our dining room table. I turn off the air conditioner or the fan, no TV, and just listen – really listen – to what’s around me. Mostly birds, and the cat purring next to my hand as I type this. I’ve limited my computer time these past few weeks because of neck problems, but the pain is slowly lifting away. I have some photos to resize from our Ohio Amish trip and photos to dream about for our upcoming Florida-Georgia trip. I need to cure the travel bug out of me soon, I’m pretty much going crazy without a change of scenery. 

I love dreaming about the adventure on the other side.


Daytona Beach, pre-spring break days


box camera meta


Amsterdam, 1920s or 1930s


this would scare me


Toboz family picnic, Kennywood 1960s


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You get alot done while i’m sleeping- i should probably sleep more!
hahaha! The next blog should be a “sad children” blog- the look on the little boys face in the Toboz family picnic shot (low, left hand corner) is priceless!


Comment by jeff

Sad children – you’re on to something there….


Comment by Lisa

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