The Long Way Home

Hot Dog and Trash Hunting Adventures

There is nothing like coming home to your husband who surprises you with a drive to Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe to pig-out on chili dogs, chili-cheese fries and cheeseburgers.

abandoned building, ambridge


And despite my exhaustion on Saturday, I took the camera with us, figuring we’d find something interesting along the way — an abandoned building in Ambridge, which we spotted from across the street of a hardware store. And taking pictures through the car window is always challenging; it’s fun to see what accidents become records of a moment.




I’m getting into the habit of using my camera as a diary. It forces me to look at what’s around me and connect with the world in a more physical way than writing.

avalon motel


We spent Sunday morning marathon trash hunting at the Tour Ed Mine. Some of our finds:

children's readers, $1 each


japanese music box, $5


3 boxes of catholic school earphones, $10


transparency projector and a $21 guitar


view from a stoplight


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you guys found some really cool stuff. i love the guitar monster man.


Comment by Allegheny Eats

There is an amazing tintype too that I found, but I was going to include that in a future blog post. Dude, you’ll freak next time we go – but I want to go even earlier. LIke, when it opens!


Comment by Lisa

maybe we should camp out?


Comment by Allegheny Eats

Vendors are allowed to set up at noon the day before – maybe we could take a sneak peek? (he he)


Comment by Lisa

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