The Long Way Home

Postcards from a Hotel Wedding
April 11, 2010, 8:16 AM
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I’ve been working on an article for Table Magazine these past few weeks. Once I get in writing mode, it’s hard for me to concentrate on much else. I turn the words over in my brain, carry a notebook at all times for new ideas. I’ve been known to stare off into space as Jeff talks to me as again, I rewrite paragraphs in my head. I pretty much drive everyone around me crazy. 

hotel parking lot. notice the tiny airplane coming out of his head.


I remind myself that life goes on – there is my full time job, family to visit, husband to love. I pull myself out of the trance by watching movies (Dead Snow = awesome; Zombieland, blech.), taking photos, reading and interacting with the outside world. 



ghostly husband


Yesterday, Jeff and I went to my cousin Tony’s wedding. He’s in the military and leaving for Afghanistan soon. He and his new wife put together the affair in about a month and did a beautiful job. And now that I’m married, I get all mushy when I see two people making this commitment, knowing the important journey they are about to take together.

to the first floor




night traffic


route 837


east carson street on a saturday night


view from the birmingham bridge


city lights


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thanks, dude! check out my flickr page, there are more, including a ridiculous one of jeff doing his infamous p-face pose.


Comment by Lisa

I saw flckr as well. nice!


Comment by Bill



Comment by Lisa

these are great photos. I especially like the Feet on East Carson Street. at first glance, it looked like you were actually sitting on the street.


Comment by Bill

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