The Long Way Home

Postcards from Hartwood Mansion
March 14, 2010, 7:53 PM
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One of my guilty pleasures is touring old mansions. Creepy is a bonus, but any old house will do. I love the voyeuristic aspect of walking through someone else’s home, reading the titles of the books they possibly read, the toilets they occupied, the kitchen in which they cooked (or rather, where the hired help cooked), the windows they stood gazing out on the vast expanse of lawn.

This is what I wanted to do for my birthday this past summer, and Dan was in town from Boston to indulge me (the air conditioning died, so it was pretty stuffy behind those castle-like walls; only your good friend does this for you). This obsession of mine could stem from the fact that I’ve never lived in a house. My mum, sister and I always lived in different apartments. But it also fills my need to always ‘know,’ snooping into others’ lives, past and present, until I find their stories. 

mid-July afternoon


lost in the forest


Jeff thinks this dining room is straight out of Hammer House


a plea from the past




powder room camera break




a moment away from the group


a view like this


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love those curves!


Comment by swojdylak

Lovely atmospheric photos. Where is Hartwood Mansion?


Comment by Rachel Chown

Thanks, Rachel! Hartwood Mansion is located about 10 miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA. It’s in a park called Hartwood Acres and dates from around the 1920s:


Comment by Lisa

the powder room shot and the last shot (tree in window) are my favorites! you have a great eye


Comment by Becky

thanks! your comments always make me happy!
if you want to tour the house some time, let me know. i’d like to go back and take more pictures.


Comment by Lisa

Love this old house! it’s so beautiful


Comment by Becky

creepy–makes me think of the shining


Comment by kim rullo

The house didn’t feel too creepy that day, but maybe I captured creepiness with my camera? “Creepy” though is the best compliment!


Comment by Lisa

These look like old movies!!!


Comment by jeff

can we live in an old movie?


Comment by Lisa

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