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Nostalgic Snow Meltdown: My Vintage Photo Collection Project

Snowbound most of the month and struck with cabin fever, I decided to start scanning my vintage photo collection and posting it for others to see. I could spend hours looking through vintage photos at flea markets and antique shops if Monster would let me — there is so much other “trash” to discover!

Strongbox Magazine is publishing an all-film issue this spring and the editor asked if Jeff and I would like to do a photo booth project. I’ve wanted to do a series of photo booth self-portraits, but brainstorming with Jeff has been so much more fun. I’ll post some of the pictures after we hit the Warhol photo booth this weekend. 

The following photo of my parents is one of my favorites. It’s from a photo booth in Niagara Falls, where they honeymooned in November 1973, 35 years almost to the exact date that Jeff and I went on our own honeymoon (there goes the freaky date connections again with my family – my sister’s anniversary is in November). I scanned it and left it as-is – speckled with dust, torn in half and tattered at the edges.  It makes me a bit sad, knowing they’d be divorced only a few years later. They are so young and for that moment, happy. 



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just been browsing thru your work…youre a genius, no two ways about it!
and i like the way your mind works…we need more people like that on this good earth….people who may be laughed at or ignored…but hidden genius is always that way, isnt it?
i like to think im also a photographer, tho my wife say im a layabout, just cos i dont have a job at the moment!! ah, thats life and then we move on…
best of luck with your journeys and pls do drop in on me when u can at


Comment by filmcamera999

Sweet. I may as well do that in return. Good work need to be spread. See you around…


Comment by Photoautomat

A – thanks so much for taking the time to read. Your blog looks awesome, it made my day!


Comment by Lisa

The magazine is wicked and the article too.


Comment by Photoautomat

Thanks so much, that’s so nice to hear!
I’m glad to see you have a blog too – I’m adding you to my links section.


Comment by Lisa

[…] Nostalgic Snow Meltdown: My Vintage Photo Collection Project […]


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wow- your date coincidences are crazy! this makes me wish i had happy photos of my parents like this

p.s. if you need any old photos from that weirdo halloween photo album, you can borrow it back. haha


Comment by sarah

We have vintage Halloween photos, so I may have to borrow that album again!


Comment by Lisa

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