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Sweet Baby Weltaflex
February 11, 2010, 7:47 PM
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This year I’m going back to film and what better way to start than with this lovely Valentine’s gift from Monster? I’ve wanted a focusing twin lens reflex camera for awhile now, but we haven’t had the extra cash (I could still kick myself for not grabbing the Mamiya for $70 at Pottery City). Now I can experiment with medium format to my heart’s content. The viewfinder has a magenta tinge around the edge of the glass, making it a bit difficult to focus on the subject. As with any less-than-perfect piece of equipment, you just learn to work with it. 

the latest addition to my growing camera family


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HA! I always end up kicking myself for passing on things I know I should get. Good that you finally got one!


Comment by Eric

I think if I don’t know if something is a ‘good price’ at a flea market, I wait because I don’t want to pay too much. I’ve been trying to go in with an informed mind!


Comment by Lisa

niiice! your monster knows you!


Comment by Becky

Thanks everyone!

I know, I love it too – I can’t wait to see what kinds of photos I get from this. First batch will be trial and error. I heart the magic of film!


Comment by Lisa

lucky monster! that thing is awesome


Comment by sarah

wow. i love it. it looks like a person!


Comment by Bill (yinzer)

LOVE IT. Such a nice monster.


Comment by Liz Criss

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