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Yes, I Shoveled Snow in a Skirt
February 6, 2010, 5:23 PM
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We don’t have much luck with the snow, do we? Spent the morning watching Deranged, then ate leftover homemade mac and cheese, loaded up the Ansco, the lomo fish eye and documented with the Leica. I’m glad to be home for this snowstorm – it’s exciting to see our little corner of the world stop for the weekend. 

last night's surprise


taking analog photos


graffiti in the snow


snow walk


snow-heavy lines




handsome snow husband


snow street transformation


self portrait before shoveling snow


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The hooded figure in the second shot!!!


Comment by jeff



Comment by Lisa

I hope the snow fell off those power lines. I was happy to see when I came home that my lines were now clear.


Comment by Bill

No way, dude, snow is still there. Jeff threw snowballs at the lines yesterday, but it just kicked up powder. The lines go to the place next door, which we’re expecting to cave in after this mess!


Comment by Lisa

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