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In a Glass House or Why Dioramas are Awesome
December 15, 2009, 1:52 PM
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photo by Happy Via

Dioramas are 3D photographs or short stories. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I was a kid. My favorite room at the Carnegie Museum was the taxidermy hall. The tableux of an Arab man riding a camel while being attacked by a lion scared the shit out of me, but  I loved picking apart the details of this moment. How did the artists recreate the deep claw marks on the camel’s legs? Or the terror in its face? A diorama is one way for an audience to see or experience a story without words, however terrifying.

My friend Sarah‘s latest terrariums at Mendelson Gallery, whose work explores the ‘voyeurism into empty spaces.”

The artwork of Thomas Doyle, who creates stories in miniature under glass domes:


Solitude in the diorama-esque macro photography of Erin Tyner:


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I love Erin’s macro photography! just awesome. And I wouldn’t mind a diorama, but I know they can be painstaking, and therefore, expensive.


Comment by Becky

I know, a life-size diorama would be pricey. Jeff and I thought about making a cabin room when we have a house: green shag carpet for ‘grass;’ faux bois bedding and a forest panorama on the wall behind the bed so that you’d feel as if you’re one with nature. Can you imagine our house? It’s going to be crazy!


Comment by Lisa

Thomas Doyle is so awesome!!!


Comment by Jeff Schreckengost

I know! And S’s terrariums are so beautiful, she said she would make me one for xmas!


Comment by Lisa

only if you are good


Comment by sarah

Can I have a tree in it? Krampus would be amazing, but I’ll stick with toadstools. Or better yet – haunted houses!


Comment by Lisa

how about a deer-o-rama?


Comment by sarah

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