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To Disappear: the Stasia Project

mirrors are like finding your twin

I’m most inspired by places when creating photos. It could be a grassy field, a brightly colored house or in my recent Stasia project, the mostly-empty third and fourth floors of the art gallery downtown where Jeff and I curated a show this past September. When I first saw the rooms, it was a sunny day and the natural light coming through the windows was just insanely beautiful. I didn’t know what project I’d do in those rooms, but I wanted to take advantage of the space and the light.


a meta shot from 'to disappear'

My friend Anastasia is a great model. She’s easy-going, incredibly patient and willing to do most whatever I ask of her in order to get a shot.


from 'to disappear'

Initially, I thought I’d use some of these photos for a Day of the Dead project that never happened (Jeff was going to take one of my images and do something with it in Photoshop as a collaborative project). But I didn’t want to be confined to a specific project — after working on the fairy tale series, my main goals here were working with natural light, negative space, monochromatic backgrounds with pops of color, and experimenting with long exposures since the day that I took these was rainy and grey. 


debating the physics of flight


portrait of stasia

I tried different filters in photoshop on this photo and finally settled on ‘deep yellow,’ to give it a warmer hue:



I love photo shoots like this because I allowed myself the freedom of doing whatever the hell I wanted and not worry about being perfect. I was also excited when my friend Kim came in from downstairs to shoot off two pictures – she’s an amazing, talented photographer and it was fun to work with her again, even if for just a few minutes. 


photo by Kim Rullo

Now I have a batch of photos to work with over the next month or so and a new-found love for long exposures. 


the red elevator

One of the photos featured on Utata.


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I love your photos, I have a feeling they might make an appearance on my blog soon enough, I have a tendency of grabbing photos that inspire me, and yours are amazing!


Comment by binkybinky

Thank you, that’s such a nice compliment and I’d be honored to have my photos on your blog – you have such a great eye! You can include a link to here or my flick page (if you see any on flickr, too, be my guest to blog them!). Good luck with your own work!
xo –


Comment by Lisa

i love it–love them all. you are amazing.


Comment by kim rullo

thank you! you’re a big, big reason why I decided to try photography in the first place – it was so awesome when you jumped in the shoot!


Comment by Lisa

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