The Long Way Home

Snow White and Rose Red

Sarah, Liz and I spent the afternoon in Harmony, continuing my fairy tale photo project with a reinterpretation of the tale “Snow White and Rose Red.” In the original Grimm Brothers story, Snow White and Rose Red are kind-hearted sisters who have run-ins with an ungrateful dwarf. They are frequently visited by a bear, who ends up being a prince (did I give it away?). I wasn’t sure where we’d get an angry dwarf, or a bear for that matter, but in this series of photos I concentrated on the closeness between the two sisters. You can find the ‘final’ versions at flickr.



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Happy belated anniversary!

I am a big fan of Francesca Woodman and Ralph Eugene Meatyard and elements of this series remind me of what attracted me to their work in the first place.

Fairytales are such a great inspiration. I love the way you used the masks and mirrors.

Beautiful images 🙂



Comment by Stefanie Priewasser

Thanks for your kind words! I love Meatyard and Woodman is always a favorite of mine. Her photographs inspired me to even try doing photography. I really love your photos though, they’re so unique and have an element of story to them. I’ll keep following your blog to see what else you are working on! Happy autumn –


Comment by Lisa

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