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Sunday Mornings with Howard
March 8, 2009, 10:21 AM
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my first apartment (green house on left), 1974

my first apartment (green house on left), 1974

I’m listening to the Howard Hanna Realty show, as I usually do on Sunday mornings. I’ve liked to do this since I was a kid living in a string of apartments;  the idea of living in a house is alien to me, much like living in a foreign country. There is something voyeuristic about catching a glimpse of the home owners’ lives on TV, like unraveling a mystery through their whirlpool-style tubs, their kitchen islands and hardwood floors. A lot of the homes haven’t been updated since the early 90s, leftover shades of pastels carrying over from the 80s, reminding me that if it were mine, I’d have a lot of work to do.

The houses are way beyond what Jeff and I could afford, even in this economy, and now that we’re married, everyone asks us when we are going to get  a house, as if marriage isn’t enough of a giant life-changing event. We’re still recovering from all the financial and emotional stresses of the wedding.

Jeff really wants a place to call our own, but I’m hesitant. The idea of owning a house is so overwhelming to me because of all the responsibility that goes with it. I’d rather travel and have a home base, albeit a rented temporary space. It is the contradiction that is Lisa: I want to carry my home with me on the road.

behind our apartment which was once a shoe store

behind our apartment which was once a shoe store

our backyard

our backyard


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I like owning a lot. In the end, it is about the same costs as renting. I pay my mortgage, taxes and insurance, and then save another $100 a month for any unexpected problems. if there are no unexpected problems then I usually spend it on other ‘house’ things like furniture or decor stuff…translated for you guys, that is means more monster stuff.

So after all that shit, it is basically a wash – but there is the extra bonus of owning. It is like a long term savings account. and it is all yours.


Comment by Bill_Pittsburgh

I’ve never lived in a house (except for that one in Squirrel Hill with you and all those other people, so I don’t count that!). I like the idea of it because it’s comforting. It’s strange to think of a home of my very own.


Comment by Lisa

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