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Postcards From Niagara
October 30, 2012, 7:43 PM
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Niagara Falls: honeymoon capital, power generator, land of wax museums and other creepy kitsch, you’ve always captured my imagination. It’s usually overcast, cold, the surrounding city forgotten, yet there Jeff and I were with the rest of the crowd, whipping out camera phones to capture this dreary moment. Except I was with two different Polaroid cams trying to get self-portraits while it rained, which is why they turned out so blue. No matter how many times I’ve visited, you still leave me breathless; the roaring river masks the chattering of tourists, making me feel as if I were the only one standing at the edge of your waters.







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These are all awesome, but I love the BlueUmbrella photo. I love the color saturation and you peaking around the umbrella. It is pretty awesome!

Comment by Bill

Thanks, dude! Sometimes mistakes turn into treasures (I should have had the lighten/dark wheel more towards dark, but I think it added a certain mood to Niagara).

Comment by Lisa

The last one for me, but all are good.

Comment by Debra Broughton

Thanks, Debra – I was so surprised to see the shrine in the middle of a residential neighborhood that I made my friend stop the car so I could capture it.

Comment by Lisa

Well you captured Niagara Falls beautifully–the overcast smoky-cloudy wetness amid bizarre things. The binoculars seem to have their own opinion! Love the arrow on the Bel- Aire motel sign and you standing in front of that display. Thanks for sharing, M

Comment by Michael Williamson

Haha, Michael – the viewfinder does look like it’s staring back at us, doesn’t it? I have looked at old Niagara Falls photos from the 20s and earlier and the creepy thing is that a lot has stayed the same! I like to imagine there were ghosts standing next to us while we were going about our business. Thanks for stopping by -

Comment by Lisa

*love* this!! spectacular photos

Comment by Becky Colson

thanks, beck!

Comment by Lisa


Comment by minsk


Comment by Lisa

Blue is the perfect color for these!
I’m glad the old viewers are still there!
I always loved seeing people, looking like tiny moving toys, piling onto the “Maid of the Mist”.

Comment by jeff

Oh, they do look like moving toys on the Mist, I didn’t think of that (that’s why we’re married, clever man).

Comment by Lisa

I’ve been fascinated by this city ever since I saw Alec Soth’s Niagara. Now I think of it, you and he have a similar aesthetic, though you use a totally different and more wonderfully idiosyncratic color palette. Lawdy, that sounds pretentious. Still true, though.

Comment by greg

whoa, i just looked up “niagara” and i have to own that book (i loved his ‘sleeping by the mississippi’ series). also, your comment made me blush, in a good way – especially since photography lately feels kind of up and down for me (in my heart and mind, at least). thank you!

Comment by Lisa

I love these. The first one is my favorite.

Comment by John

thanks, john, that’s so nice!

Comment by Lisa

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