The Long Way Home

Little Town of Bethlehem (PA)
August 12, 2012, 9:13 AM
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self-portrait on chess board

Our dear friend Roya got married a few weeks ago to Mike, her sweet baboo, and they made their new home out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I realized I dream so much about places outside of Pittsburgh (or Pennsylvania), that I don’t think much about our eastern neighbors. I didn’t know that Bethlehem’s former steel identity has transformed into a town that now fosters arts and music festivals, that it’s close to Philly and New York, straddling two PA counties, and so close to the Jersey Shore. It made me wish it were just a little closer to home so I could visit more often. I’m imagining it in the fall, leaves turning, full of ghosts.

a man taking a smoke break outside the masonic temple

meet laurel

bill and jeff on the bridge into town

site of the wedding in a former banana distribution center

a stairwell in the banana factory

i have always wanted to live in a castle


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I love this set, especially the Masonic Temple one. It just feels so, well, old.

Comment by thevintagetraveler

thanks, lizzie! the masonic temple shot was one of my favorites that day because it was so spontaneous- i was in the middle of shooting something else and turned to the man. the best kind of moments in photography.

Comment by Lisa

Gorgeous! the first image is to die for. oh and laurel too.

Comment by motherblue212

that makes me happy, kimmy (and your support always means a lot, thank you!).

Comment by Lisa

Beautiful. Are they Polaroids?

Comment by naimavanswol

thank you! it’s impossible project film, which was tricky to use at first – this was the first batch for me that turned out well.

Comment by Lisa

I have Had a hard time with it too. These are pretty great!

Comment by naimavanswol

yay, thanks!
the trick is the shielding, which i ‘solved’ by using this dark slide that they sell for the slr680 camera. but they may be selling film soon that you won’t have to shield, which means shooting will be so much easier.

Comment by Lisa

Fascinating nostalgic photos–loved the Masonic temple shot. You can feel the longing for another time. Great text–“full of ghosts” indeed. Glad your creativity is in full swing after the sweltering summer. Thanks, Michael

Comment by Michael Williamson

thanks, michael – i’m glad to hear that my summer ‘break’ is giving my creativity a much needed boost!

Comment by Lisa

I love how you can play checkers with your toes!

Comment by Allegheny Eats

i’m sure the old dudes who usually hang here would not appreciate this (he he).

Comment by Lisa

toe nail strategy

Comment by Allegheny Eats

Your ‘new’ camera makes spooky pictures – I love it.

Comment by Jeff

yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

Comment by Allegheny Eats

a great birthday gift!

Comment by Lisa

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