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As if the Sky Were on Fire
August 5, 2012, 10:08 PM
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You can’t see it in these photos, but below the rooftops – the fire escape, the chimneys –  lies the remains of the building next to ours, a crumbling, broken mess cast under a fiery light. The sunset made our entire living room glow in this strange yellow, like a filter over a camera lens. The light beckoned me to the back of our place; the beauty of an after-storm sky made me climb off my couch and out into the rubble pile, in my pajamas no less, Jeff watching from the porch to make sure I didn’t step on glass or wander too far off without shoes because when I get caught in a photo moment, I am only in that moment.





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love this.

Comment by naimavanswol

thank you – that makes me happy! <3

Comment by Lisa

thank you!

Comment by Lisa

Beautiful photos, like paintings and again your spot on prose–thanks very much, M

Comment by Michael Williamson

that’s so encouraging, thanks, m! (and thanks for tuning in too – i’m on an unofficial creative break this summer – posting when i can).

Comment by Lisa

The light was so wild – I’m glad you got a chance to capture it before the sun went down.

Comment by jeff

thank you for being my assistant (no umbrella shots, but it’s nice to have diversions).

Comment by Lisa

I knew you’d be out there framing this light! :)

Comment by Allegheny Eats

you know me well, dude – it was ‘twilight zone’ out there last night!

Comment by Lisa

I was just looking at these again, and only now realize they were Polaroid’s. I love the first one picture, “sunset”. It has amazing colors, Orange-Red, with house silhouettes.

Comment by Allegheny Eats

these were taken with my ‘new’ camera – can you believe how insane the colors are, even with expired film?

Comment by Lisa

That building next to yours incredible is amazing. Is there a plan for it?

Comment by motherblue212

rumor has it that it may be a french restaurant.

Comment by Lisa

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